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Perfect Concert Venue

We have been looking for a concert venue all around London and chanced upon this gem after many weeks of searching last year. St. Peter's is a beautiful newly refurbished Victorian Anglican church in the heart of Kensington. We quickly got in touch with them after seeing pictures on the internet. Have a look at how handsome the face of the church is:

TRIVIA: This church can be seen in the Hollywood film Notting Hill.

The inside of the church is lovely and spacious.

The acoustics are wonderful-- the sound does not get muddy and the reverb is just right. If you want a birds eye view of the stage, the balcony area offers an excellent view of the action.

Insider Tip: The best seats are the first 3 rows and the centre balcony and corner balcony left and right nearest the stage.

This is how it looked like last year during our sold-out Libertatem concert:

Stage area/Magnificent Altar

Standing Ovation for Haraya Libertatem Concert

Standing Ovation for Haraya after the Libertatem Concert.

There are very limited number of seats with the best views so we suggest you book early. We are all looking forward to having our concert there again this year.

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